Thursday, May 26, 2016

Me Made May 2016 - May 15 to May 26

It's been so busy that I hadn't had time to blog. And I have barely managed to take pictures of my outfits. The weather got warmer and warmer and yesterday it was 29 Celsius! Hot and humid weather already and it's not June yet!

May 15:
Me-Made denim jacket from a pair of old men's jeans
Refashioned red ponte dress from a RTW XL dress

May 16:
Refashioned XXL RTW sweatshirt
Me-Made cotton knit checker pants (McCall's 5273)

May 17:
Refashioned merino sweater dress to tunic
Me-Made black knit slim pants (McCall's 5273)

May 18:
Me-Made denim jacket from a pair of old men's jeans
Refashioned blouse from a 80's men's shirt

May 19:
Me-Made boucle cardigan jacket
Me-Made charcoal jeggings (McCall's 5273)

May 20:
Me-Made cotton tunic
Me-Made linen shorts

May 21:
Me-altered denim shirt
Me-altered white brocade slim pants

May 22:
Me-shrunken wool/silk blend cardigan
Me-Made fabric scraps scarf
Me-Made knit maxi dress

May 23:
Me-Made linen blend tank
Me-Made linen blend pants

May 24:
Me-altered thrifted cotton cardigan
Me-Made faux wrap knit dress

May 25:
Me-altered denim shirt
Me-Made cotton floral shorts

May 26:
Me-Made floral top
Me-Made linen blend pants

I have lots of floral sun dresses so I'm looking forward to wearing them the rest of the month!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Me Made May 2016 - May 14

It's cloudy and rainy today. A thin, thrifted merino wool cardigan will do the trick. I also pulled out the rarely worn refashioned white silver brocade pants. The silver fabric remnant scarf echoes the silvery threads on the pants.

May 14:
Me Refashioned, thrifted white brocade pants
Me Made silver knit fabric remnant scarf
Thrifted mernio wool cardigan
Thrifted loafers

Friday, May 13, 2016

Me Made May 2016 - May 13 Outfit

It's a little warmer and more humid today. So I took the opportunity to wear a summer dress with no tights/leggings.

May 13:
Me Refashioned, thrifted white lace dress (from a table cloth)
Me Refashioned, thrifted white slip
Me altered denim shirt
Thrifted boots

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Me Made may 2016 - May 12 outfit

Today is sunny but with a cool breeze. Again, a layering jacket is excellent for this type of weather. A lightweight scarf is useful too!

May 12:
Me-Made Red slim jeans
Me-Made fabric remnant scarf
Thrifted black leather boots

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Me-Made May 2016 - 1st outfit

This is my first outfit for Me-Made May 2016. It's always difficult to dress in May in my part of the globe. The temperature in the morning can be below 5 Celsius and then would go up to 25 Celsius by noon! So layering is key as always.

May 11:
Refashioned thrifted cotton/silk tweed jacket 
Refashioned thrifted teal silk tunic
Self-altered jeans

Me-Made May 2016

I can't believe I forgot to sign up for Zoe Edwards' Me-Made May this year! I have done this for a few years now and had thoroughly enjoyed it. Well. better late than never! Here is my pledge:

 'I, Lovenicky of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '16. I endeavour to wear 2 or more self-stitched or self-altered/refashioned item each day for the rest of May 2016'

Monday, May 9, 2016

Spring sewing - Spring Tweed Dress McCall's 5518

I thought I would put aside the beige wool fail project for a while and start something fun and easy. I chose this yellowish/greenish spring tweed with little sequins from my stash. I wanted to make a simple pullover tweed dress for spring.

For the pattern, I chose McCall's 5518 from my stash. It looked like a pretty straight forward pullover tunic dress pattern:

I chose View C but as I was sewing, I forgot to sew in the collar piece. So now the dress has the split neck  but not the collar. I drafted my own pocket pieces  as the ones in the pattern were too large for my liking. I decorated the top of the pockets with strips of the selvage. I also experimented the with sleeves and without sleeves options:

I decided against sleeves as I thought the boxy sleeves make me look even more dumpy.

I'm not in love with the dress. It's too boxy for my liking and for my body shape. Even with the belt, the dress is too shapeless for me. McCall's 5518 is not for me! I do like the fabric so I'll have to figure out if I want to refashion it to something else or not. This unfortunately was not the easy 'win' I was hoping for. Oh well! Back to the Beige Fail jacket.......

The review for this pattern is at PatternReview.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Clear bin Fabric Destash Challenge - 3rd garment FAIL!

I don't post all my sewing fails but this is really a Fail! My idea for this beige/tan wool gabardine was grand like the inspiration:
But look at what actually happened:

Horrid! Horrid!
I think the main problem is the ribbon trim that I used. I searched through my notions stash and found this thin ribbon. I thought it would look better than a plain black trim. How wrong I was! Eventually I had to admit defeat and used my trusty seam ripper to rip all the black trim out.

I really need to sleep on this to figure out what I should do. This colour is still not good for my skin tone. What else should I try to do to salvage this? Any ideas?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Clear bin Fabric Destash Challenge - 3rd garment plan

The third fabric I choose for the 3rd garment of this challenge is this tan/beige wool gabardine. I don't know why I bought this years ago because the colour is quite unflattering for my skin tone. The fabric comes in 3 pieces so it's not possible to make trousers with them. I think I will make a jacket with it. I have just used this sewing pattern for a patchwork jacket (see here).

Since the colour of this fabric is unflattering on me, I'm thinking of making it more 'flattering' by adding some black to the jacket. Here are some inspirations I have collected on Pinterest:

 It will take more time and work than the last 2 garments. Hopefully it will work out well!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Clear bin Fabric Destash Challenge - 2nd garment

I thought I would make something for myself with the 2nd garment of this challenge. I have had this red silk noil remnant in my stash for a very long time. I got it in the cheapy bin of my local fabric store, together with a pink silk noil which I made a dress with (see here). It's a lovely fabric to sew but it's rough to the touch and doesn't drape well enough for my liking. There isn't much yardage to do anything with it. I do like the vibrant red so I thought I would make a simple top with it.

I drafted a simple top pattern with a shirt tail hem, which used up almost all of the remnant. It came together pretty quickly. The top is very unshapely so I will need to wear it with a belt. Unfortunately today is somehow very static-y, so the top just seemed to cling to every part of my body and the thrifted leather skirt I was wearing in these photos:

I think it probably looks a bit better layered with a jacket on top:

Okay! 2 down! More to go! I'm getting warmed up for this challenge now!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Clear bin Fabric Destash Challenge - 1st garment

The first garment is done from this Clear bin fabric destash challenge! The medium weight charcoal denim material is perfect for a pair of pants for my son. He has had growth spurt so it's time to make some new pants for him. I used the the tried and true McCall's 5222 that I thrifted a while back. The pattern has 2 pieces for the pants but I combined them together into 1 pattern piece with no side seams (only inseams). It came together quickly after about an hour. My son is wearing this already today. I love these quick and easy sewing projects for kids!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Clear bin Fabric Destash Challenge - the 1st clear bin

I wanted to be surprised by the content of the bin so I just random chose this one. This is only a portion of its content. Some of the fabric remnants are probably too small to make most things:

There is wool gabardine, silk/cotton voile, white cotton/poly poplin, grey stretch poly women, lilac poly satin, red silk noir, navy taffeta, charcoal cotton denim, navy wool crepe, pale yellow cotton poly (lining from a thrifted skirt), green poly camo, black cotton/poly poplin.

I have some initial ideas for some of the fabrics:
Pans for my son?

Beige gabardine trousers for me?

Lightweight fabrics for blouses for me?