Wednesday, May 24, 2017

More Summer Garments! A Red Linen top

I'm not sure if other sewists do this. I'm quite lazy when it comes to changing the threads on my serger. So when I want to sew something, I always look at what colour threads are already threaded in the serger and then proceed to make something in that colour.

The serger has been threaded with red threads for a while, and I have been making red garments. So to continue with the red trend, I made myself a sleeveless top with the same red linen blend that I used for the cargo shorts I made a few days ago. This top is based on my stash pattern Butterick 5364 which I have used previously.

I used a size 10 because of how 'blousey' this pattern is. But I had to enlarge the armhole as the  size 10 armhole is too tight for me. I also added side slits this time to make it easier for me to sit down without wrinkling the bottom half of the top too much. I didn't use the facing pieces in the pattern but instead used bias tape to enclosed the edges. I found the facing pieces too cumbersome and too warm to wear on a hot, sticky summer day. I sewed a short line of satin stitch right on top of the side slit to stop the slit from splitting from wear and wash.

I'm pretty happy with this top and I can't wait to wear it. Now what else can I do with the remaining red linen blend fabric?

The review of this pattern is at PatternReview.

Me Me May 2017 outfits: May 21-24

Here are the outfits for Me Made May 2017 from May 21 to 24.

May 21:
Furniture shopping with the family. I'm wearing a me-refashioned yellow lace skirt (from a table cloth), a me-made shell necklace (from a shell I picked up in the South of France) and thrifted ankle boots. I don't wear this skirt often because I think the shape is not flattering on me. I'm going to refashion it into something else.

May 22:
Visiting an outdoor National Historic Monument with the kids today. I'm wearing a me-made cardigan jacket, me-refashioned ribbed knit top (from a turtleneck to crewneck) and a thrifted belt.

May 23:
The weather is getting warmer. I"m wearing a me-refashioned denim shirt, a pair of -me-made stretch woven pants and thrifted shoes.

May 24:
It's cool in the morning and much warmer in the afternoon. I'm wearing a me-refashioned jacket (from a pair of men's jeans), me made baby blue jeans and a thrifted scarf.

It's getting warmer and warmer. So I will probably be able to wear all those me-made sundresses soon!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Refashion: Women skirt to Girl Jeans

My daughter has all of a sudden shot up almost 5cm in height this past month. So I needed to make her some new pants for school and play.

I thrifted these 2 women long jean skirts at my local thrift store for $5 each. One of those skirts had a stain on it but I can easily cover it with some applique. The reason I like using 2nd hand denim is that they have already been washed, shrinken, broken in. The fabric is soft and durable at the same time - excellent for kids' clothes:

I used one of my daughter's current too-short pants as a guide and made a pair of jeans that is longer
and wider.

I also used some remnant red linen fabric from my previous project to make a heart-shaped applique for the side pocket. Since the serger was already threaded with red threads from the last project, I simply cut a pocket shape from the jean skirt and serged the edge in red.

The length of the jeans skirt was just a tad bit short of the side length I wanted for my daughter. So I cut a piece of remnant red knit, encased a piece of elastic inside it and serged the whole thing to the top of the pants as the waistband.

I hope my daughter likes it! If so I'll cut the other jean skirt and make another pair of mama-made pants for her. There are still lots of remnants from that first skirt that I can make lots of accessories!

Monday, May 22, 2017

More MAGAM Merry May projects - Red linen Cargo Shorts

It's a 3 day weekend this weekend but I still sewed something! Between forest hiking and visiting National Historic Monuments with the kids, I hid away from them for just enough time to make some new shorts.

I used my tried and true Butterick 5044 that had been tweaked for my body. I made View A in size Small. The red linen blend fabric has been in my stash for years. It's a brilliant true red which I love. The only change I made was to position the side pockets higher than suggested by the sewing pattern.  I used an existing black shoe lace in my stash for the waist tie.

Surely one can always use a pair of linen shorts for the hot and sticky summer! The temperature right now is still in the mid-teens Celsius so I'm not wearing these shorts yet. But I can't wait till I will be able to wear them!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Me Made May 2017 Outfits: May 18-20

Here are my outfits from May 18-20.

May 18:
Today is super hot and humid! I'm wearing a me-refashioned top (from a men's shirt), me-made linen cargo pants, a me-made necklace and thrifted shoes.

May 19:
The temperature suddenly dropped 20+ Celsius! I'm wearing a thrifted top, me-made silver knit scarf, and a me-made long skirt.

May 20:
I'm going hiking in the nearby forest with my family. I'm wearing a me-refashioned merino wool sweater (from a huge XL men's sweater) and a me-made hat.

We are very fortunate to be a very short drive to a nearby forest. My kids love going there.  All over the forest there are these white Trillium flowers that thrive on the forest ground. They are the symbols of my province.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Me Made May 2017 outfits: May 14-17

Here are my me-made and me-refashioned outfits from May 14 to 17.

May 14:
It's Mother's Day! I'm wearing a me-made dress, me-refashioned scarf, thrifted leggings and boots for a lunch with my family.

May 15:
I'm wearing a me-refashioned black dress and a me-made jacket that I made for the Wardrobe Sudoku contest.

The temperature is creeping up to the high teens. I'm wearing a me-refashioned jacket, a me-refashioned silk tunic.

May 17:
Today is super hot and humid - getting ready for a rain storm. I'm wearing a me-refashioned cardi, a me-made cotton sun dress and thrifted red patent flats.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Me Made May 2017 outfits: May 9-13

Here are the Me Made May 2017 outfits from May 9 to 13.

May 9:
Here I'm wearing a me-made white tweed jacket, me-made denim jeggings and thrifted red patent flats.

May 10:
Here I'm wearing a me-made stretch woven cotton shirt, me-made gold brocade skirt. Very office appropriate!

May 11:
I'm wearing a recently me-made cotton floral tunic, me-made charcoal jeggings and thrifted mary-janes.

May 12:
Today I'm wearing a me-refashioned jean jacket (from 1 pair of men's jeans), a me-refashioned glittery sweater skirt, and a me-refashioned green chiffon scarf (as a belt). Daytime Glamour! :-)

May 13:
It's not raining so I can bring out the white jeans! Here I'm wearing a me-made grey sweatshirt tunic, me-made white slim jeans and thrifted ankle boots. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Me Made May 2017 Outfits: May 6-8

Here are my Me-Made May 2017 Outfits for May 6, 7, and 8:

May 6:
I was going to a Confirmation celebration at the church today. I was wearing a me-made wool dress and a me-made chiffon scarf, as well as thrifted ankle boots.

May 7:
It was still cold so I wore my me-refashioned red cashmere jacket, me-made grey stretch woven pants, a thrifted black top, thrifted scarf and a pair of thrifted patent leather pumps.

May 8:
I'm wearing a thrifted merino wool cardigan, a me-made fabric remnant scarf, and me-made red stretch woven slim pants.

I can see a trend in my outfits. I almost always have something red in the me-made outfits. It is my favourite colour so my wardrobe is full of red garments!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

MAGAM May Project 2 - Girl towel dress/deck dress

My kids are a bit spoiled in some ways. They know that if they see some sort of clothing or fabric accessories or soft furnishings that they like, or something that they need at school, they can just ask me to make it. And they would 'demand' it to be made in 24 hours while they were sleeping. Of course I don't promise to make it in 24 hours just because they 'demanded' it! LOL!

A few days ago my daughter saw a girl with a deck dress made with towel-like material and wanted me to make her one. She rummaged through our linen closet and found a large thrifted yellow towel. And she asked me not only a deck dress, but a 'towel princess dress' (whatever that is).

So I simply folded the towel in quarters, cut a hole for the head, use an existing top as a guide and cut out the dress.

Then I serged all the seams and used stash red bias tape to trim the neck line. I made the dress a bit big because I wanted it to last at least 1 year. The neckline was too wide so I made a simple pleat at the back neck edge:

My daughter seemed to like this towel dress very much. She actually danced and pranced in it. More power to her! :-)

Friday, May 5, 2017

MAGAM May project 1 - Girl swimsuit

I was going to make myself something for my MAGAM (Make a Garment A month challenge) May entry. However, my daughter had been pestering me to make her something so I made her 2 things. She has swimming lessons every week and she wanted a new swimsuit. She saw another girl with a deck dress made with towel-like material and she wanted one of those.

I dug into my enormous fabric stash and found this navy polka dot swimwear fabric. I only had a very small piece of it but it was just enough to make a small child's swimsuit.

I had also just thrifted this very old girl's swimsuit pattern from 1971 for $0.99 at my local thrift store a few weeks ago. The publisher was Knit Knack of Canada. It's called 'Basic Knits #306 Girls' One and Two Piece Bathing Suit':

The patterns were printed on very sturdy paper and there were just 2 pattern pieces. I also like that the swimsuit has very low leg openings. My daughter has a nice full bum so low legged swimsuits are best for her.

It all came together very quickly. I didn't do anything fancy except that I added a full lining to the front piece. I already have swim elastic so I didn't buy anything to make this swimsuit:

I like this simple pattern because one can make modifications or add fancy design details easily. My daughter also does gymnastics so this pattern can be used to make a simple gymnastics leotard as well.

Next I'll be making my daughter a 'towel princess dress' (as she called it) for her swim classes, with one of the towels in my home. Should be interesting!

The review of this sewing pattern is at

Me Made May 2017 outfits - May 5

Today is a rainy and dreary day. I decided to just wear something easy and casual. This is a me-refashioned sweatshirt (from a huge  XL sweatshirt). I wore it with a me-made fabric remnant scarf, and thrifted leggings. The pink polka dots fabric pops some life into this dreary day.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Me Made May 2017 outfits - May 1-4

I can't believe it's already May! I have been participating in Zoe Edwards Me-Made May challenge since 2013 and I have always loved it. It reminds me to dig deep into my closet to take out all those Me-Made garments and accessories, instead of just wearing the same thing all the time.

May 1:thrifted
It was a warmer day so I wore my me-refashioned white lace dress (refashioned from a thrifted table cloth) and my me-refashioned denim shirt, thrifted boots and a thrifted belt.

May 2:
A cloudy and cooler day. I wore a me-made chiffon dress (refashioned from a scarf),  a me-made chiffon scarf (made from a large wrap), a thrifted cardigan and a thrifted boots.

May 3:
A much colder day. Sometimes nothing beats a sweater dress that one can just put on and look 'dressed'. I wore my me-refashioned 3 tone sweater dress (refashioned from 3 men's sweaters), a me-made chiffon scarf (remnant from the chiffon dress I made yesterday), and thrifted boots.

May 4:
It's cold and cloudy again today. I wore my me-refashioned sweater dress, a me-made remnant scarf, and thrifted boots.